Looking at Making a Change

Handing in My Resignation, Walking Out with a New Client

Most of my adult life has been spent working for myself or a business I own, so after 3 years of working in the corporate jungle, I am emerging once more into my natural habitat of self-employment 🙂

I sat down with my boss, Vaughn Thurman, the CEO of JobTraQ and we had a heart-to-heart, the bombshell being dropped was I was resigning, but as far as resignations go, it was a happy event. We left his office back-slapping and hugging one another, because we had struck a tentative outline deal on JobTraQ becoming a client of my embryonic SEO business – Wellspring Search. For Vaughn’s part, he had managed to retain a resource he viewed as essential for continuing his marketing and business success.

The best deal of all is when both of you are winning….happy days!

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I’ve been pretty lucky with jobs, in that for the most part they have been interesting and challenging, and the people I worked with and for have been great people, both personally and professionally. It’s been a real pleasure to work a group of tech heads at JobTraQ, who I affectionately refer to as the nerds from the Big Bang Theory.  On the personal side, friendships have been struck that will be staying with me, no matter where I go or land.

Late Night Work Sessions & Dispute Resolution

Professionally, it’s quite a feat to walk into a meeting and resign, only to then come out with your old boss as your latest client. Not many people have the backbone Vaughn does, and I am very grateful for (a) the opportunity with JobTraQ, (b) the camaraderie, friendship, and professional leadership, and (c) instead of looking at my resignation as a problem, he looked at it as an opportunity, both for him and for myself.

Now, I get the best outcome that could have happened: I get to carry on working with the Big Bang Theory guys here at JobTraQ, plus I get to build my own business, as well as get back to my roots in digital marketing (and SEO and SEM in particular).

Let’s see what transpires 🙂


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