Karl Hindle

Karl Hindle

This is my personal website under construction.

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Marketing Director for Swift Software, Inc. the pioneerĀ of Lean BPM and developer of JobTraQ.

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Work for a software company in the B2B space, based outside of Washington DC in the historically charming town of Frederick. I live on a mountain in the Catoctins with my mutts, Frodo and Filo, and an occasional visiting bear, affectionately called Bailey, as in he likes Baileys the drink – talk about a bear with a sore head!

Transplanted from the UK, I initially landed in Richmond VA (RVA) and miss it a great deal, but I had a good 6 years there and it was time to move on.

Frodo Hindle - Karl's Australian Shepher/Poodle mix
Frodo – high as a kite after a vet’s visit – he looks at me now not so much as his packleader, more like his drug pusher.

I’m also a volunteer at the Frederick Rescue Mission here in Frederick – you’ll find me on Tuesday mornings prepping and serving food – an early start, but worth the relatively brief time spent there.

Frederick Rescue Mission